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In the competitive landscape of the agricultural sector, gaining a deep understanding of the farmer has become a critical factor for success. Every day, market orientation, strategic segmentation, and customer loyalty take on greater significance. In this context, a fundamental tool comes into play: the Buyer Persona. This trending marketing concept not only shapes strategies for sales, post-sales, branding, and customer experience, but it also lies at the core of Viernes Studio’s approach to audiovisual production. In this article, we will explore how gaining an in-depth understanding of the farmer through the creation of Buyer Personas connects directly with our passion for creating impactful and effective VIDEOS.

At VIERNES STUDIO, we are acutely aware of the importance of deeply knowing our client. The Buyer Persona is indispensable in the brief of every audiovisual piece, as it is the way to craft an effective copy that transcends mere visuals to materialize in loyalty and the achievement of concrete goals.
A Buyer Persona is not just a superficial representation of your ideal customer. It is a meticulously crafted entity based on real data and a deep understanding of the motivations, challenges, desires, and values of your target audience. At Viernes Studio, we recognize that a solid Buyer Persona is essential to steering the right narrative in each of our audiovisual pieces. By truly understanding our farmer on a personal level, we can design a compelling message that resonates and ultimately closes sales throughout the inbound marketing process.

The Process of Creating Buyer Personas in the Agricultural Sector:
Developing an effective Buyer Persona in the agricultural sector goes beyond gathering basic demographic information. While factors such as age, education, and crop type are important, it’s equally crucial to understand the psychology and behavior behind every purchase decision. What values and beliefs guide your farmer? What are their daily aspirations and challenges? How do they interact with technology and communication?
To answer these questions, we must delve into the mind of our farmer. This involves conducting detailed research, surveys, interviews, and carefully listening to their voices. At Viernes Studio, this process is the starting point for designing relevant and personalized content that establishes a genuine emotional connection. We understand that each segment of the agricultural sector has its own story to tell, and we are dedicated to helping you create that captivating narrative.

When Creating Your Buyer Persona for the Agricultural Sector, Consider:
• Sociodemographic Description: Age, Marital status, Gender, Education level, Socioeconomic status, Income range, Crop type, Cultivation area, etc.
• Buyer Persona Context: Where do they live?, Travel destinations, Experience in the agricultural sector, Natural resource utilization, Main goal of investing in agricultural property, Family status (number of children), Dietary preferences, Sports activities and lifestyle choices.
• Motivations, Tastes, and Interests: Passion for the agricultural sector, Hobbies and leisure activities, Interests and personal tastes, Beliefs and attitude towards life.
• Technology and Communication Access and Usage: Preferred social media platforms, Reading materials (books, magazines), Participation in talks or events, Online vs. in-person shopping preference, Payment methods of choice, Primary device usage (computer, tablet, or smartphone).
• Consumption Patterns and Trends: Favorite agricultural products, Primary consumption needs, Online purchasing behavior, Consumer trends and influences, Purchase frequency, Purpose of agricultural product purchases, Desired outcomes from product purchases.
• Personality Traits: Interactions with fellow farmers, Personality type and archetype, Values, attitude, and aptitude towards life, Behavior, thoughts, and perceptions related to agricultural products.

Now is the time to elevate your agricultural marketing strategy to the next level. Are you ready to discover how Buyer Personas can transform your business approaches? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Viernes Studio. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process of creating personalized Buyer Personas that redefine your communication and connections with farmers. Together, we can open doors to new avenues of loyalty and growth in a dynamic market like agriculture.


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