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3 tricks to make your videos stand the test of time


The world moves at lightning speed, with today’s trends becoming obsolete tomorrow. Similarly, your customers’ needs are constantly changing, so you and your team must keep your eyes and ears alert to keep your company current.

However, it’s not just about being attentive to customers and market changes; it’s also about adopting new marketing and communication strategies to maintain a connection with your audience.

Crazy race

Even though it’s important to stay updated, you shouldn’t invest unlimited money and stumble behind every trend that appears. The objective is to make the best use of your budget by selecting actions that are truly beneficial for your brand, such as video and multimedia tools that have a great impact on consumers.

But how can you ensure that your investment in video doesn’t vanish as quickly as market trends?

How to prepare your videos for the future?

Multipurpose content
The cornerstone of corporate communication should be your company’s business philosophy and value proposition, so all content should be created with that perspective in mind to avoid losing relevance.

In this sense, you don´t need supernatural powers or become the brand´s psychic to know which material will retain its value for longer, you just need to plan the strategically content, with a clear and well-developed concept.

For example, ask your audiovisual producer for a video to use in the current strategy, but with the flexibility of being included in full or in fragments, in different communication channels or in a larger campaign in the future.

You could also request a kind of image bank, audio licenses, voiceovers, and graphic material that provides you with audiovisual resources for different moments and communication needs of your Company. Going futher, your video can even be a transformer.

How to convert a video into “transformer”?
• The first step is to create a video that can be divided into smaller pieces, which are uploaded separately to YouTube or share on different platforms.
• As a second step, transcribe those small videos and publish each text as a separate entry on the blog. Then, send them to your database as email marketing.
• Third, extract the audio from the videos, make small adjustments, and put them online as a podcast.
• As a final step, identify what other format may be useful for your brand and carry it out. There are many options, from infographics and slides for presentarions, to ebooks and brochures.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a transformer, you just need a handful of strategic thinking and a pinch of creativity.

Video responsive.
Make sure they find you in the future with the power of responsive video!

Yes! This feature doesn´t only apply to web sites or e-commerces, video and multimedia content in general must be adapted and look good on all the devices, formats and platforms most used by your client, otherwise , the user will leave so fast, that it will seem that he has seen a scare.

Remember, responsive or adaptive digital content is everything nowadays.

But that is not all. As a bonus, verify that the details of your audiovisual content look good both in vertical and horizontal formats, as it has been proven that most users find it uncomfortable to have to turn their cell phone to see content.

Finally, make sure your video includes text, keep in mind may not always be able or willing to actívate the audio.

Don´t sell your product, sell your message
To get durable and impactful videos, don’t just stay on the surface, move your audience, speak to them and communicate something that is more than just promoting your product or Company. Make your content useful, take advantage of video to educate your audience, knowledge is power, and therefore, it is appreciated.

Explain videos, testimonials, or those that show the resolution of the client’s pain points, will win the attention and heart of your target by saving them time and effort and facilitating decision making.

It seems like a lot of work, but this will ultimately be reflected in a longer validity of the benefits of your audiovisual piece, as well as your investment.

We hope we haven’t overwhelmed you with this information, it’s easy to prepare your video content for the future, it just requires clear goals, a coherent concept, a well-defined strategy and a little creative thinking.


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